Firstly, I wanted to sincerely thank you all for the wonderful and sweet birthday wishes you sent my way! Your kind words truly made my 29th birthday extra special. I celebrated with family at my favorite Italian restaurant and indulged with the most delicious sour cream chocolate cake!

I don’t know whether it’s been subconsciously prompted by turning another year older, or whether I just craved a change, but this morning I woke up and had an overwhelming urge to change my hair back to a lighter color. So I booked an appointment at the salon for tomorrow afternoon and it’s happening!

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I’m naturally a lighter blonde color and up until a few years ago, never would have dreamed of going as dark as I’ve been. But I have loved it and only a month ago said to my Mom, “Oh I would NEVER go back light again!”. Well, lesson learned… never say never.

Actually as I’m writing this, I remember a post I wrote a month or two ago… it was all about women and the connection between emotions and hair. Specifically, that you can always tell if a woman is going through something internally because she drastically changes her hair (Hello, Miley Cyrus!). Maybe my sudden decision is connected with turning 29 and wanting to start fresh with something new… or maybe I am getting a little bit bored with having short hair and just want to do something!

Whatever it is, I’m excited! Do you believe in the saying, ‘A change is as good as a holiday’?

Does the urge to change something ever strike you? I’d love to know… what have you found yourself making big changes on? Is there anything you said, “Oh I would never!” and then found yourself doing?



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