Friday Faves – How To Style Your Bedside Table

I love home decor ideas and wanted to share some tips on how to style your bedside table beautifully. As the first thing you see when you wake up and the last sight at night before you go to sleep every day, it’s definitely worth spending some time to create a stunning little space that reflects your style and includes a few things you love!

This is my bedside table below. I like to keep it clean and organized, with a sprinkling of a few of my favorite things. Of course, fresh flowers always add a gorgeous touch and I have fun choosing a pretty bunch each week. It is so simple to add a little luxury to your life and your home – and your bedside table is the perfect place to start!

How to style your bedside table home decor tips what would beyonce do quote woodwick candle maison margiela replica beach walk perfume le labo santal 33

Shop My Decor – Style Your Bedside:  Lamp    |    Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp    |    WoodWick ‘At The Beach’ Candle    |    Le Labo ‘Santal 33’ Eau de Parfum    |    Maison Margiela Replica ‘ Beach Walk’ Perfume    |    Le Labo ‘Rose 31’ Eau de Parfum    |    Beyonce Quote Art    |    Jewelry Dish    |    Michael Kors ‘Lexington’ Watch    |    Daniel Wellington Watch


How To Style Your Bedside Table



As they say, less is more and this is key to remember when styling your bedside table. Choose a few pieces you love and feel inspired by, the rest should be stored in drawers below to keep your surface clean, clear and uncluttered. When buying a bedside table, opt for one with great storage space (big drawers). This means you’ll have everything at your fingertips, but it will be neatly packed away.

We have the from Malm 3 Drawer Chest from Ikea in the black / brown wood color and I added the Malm White Glass Top – they look fabulous together! Our bed is a king with a high headboard frame, so I feel a larger bedside table fits well and also accommodates our gorgeous oversized lamps. It’s very chic and has just the right amount of drama to create a luxe feel.



Styling with objects of varying heights creates interest and drama, this is key to styling a bedside table. A lamp is perfect as the tallest item, then graduate down from there by adding a photo frame, flowers or a candle. Then for the lowest item, a jewelry tray is brilliant.



Your bedroom should be a relaxing space and to encourage restful sleep, including elements from nature can help promote this. In addition to fresh flowers, I personally love having a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp beside our bed, these have become mega popular and are great to have in key rooms around your home. They can help cleanse and purify air, as well as give many other benefits by absorbing the positive ions in the air, which sap our bodies of energy. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps generate negative ions naturally, when heated, the salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air. I got my Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp on Amazon.



As you’re adding pieces, think about what genuinely works well together. For a beautifully styled look, keep almost everything within a neutral color palette, then add a little pop of color with one statement piece. I love doing this with flowers! It’s fun to change them up each week and bring a new vibe to the space. Another great option includes a pretty bright jewelry box – these are practical and pretty!



Whether it’s a photograph of loved ones or fun quote art, be sure to bring your personality into this space. It’s a really fun opportunity to make an area in your home 100% completely YOU!


Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have gorgeous interior style and decorate your bedside table. I like to check out Target and Ikea for great basics, then dress them up with more personalized and creative items from Etsy. Or look for when big departments stores like Nordstrom or outlets like Century 21 (my favorite!).

I hope this helps provide inspiration on how to style your bedside table, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what pieces you like to wake up and dream next to?


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Friday Faves – Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser Review

I am excited to share one of my very favorite things with you today! After Chris and I got married, I really wanted to give our home a little makeover to freshen things up and have a new vibe for the start of our married life. On our honeymoon as we were exploring Copenhagen, we were introduced to the concept of ‘Hygge’, which is all about the art of happiness, creating magic in ordinary moments and living well.

I learned that despite the often cold, dreary weather and high costs of living, the Danish people are ranked among the happiest in the world! Quite extensive research was done to uncover what it is that fosters this happiness and the concept of Hygge pretty much explains it all. A key aspect is making your home a sanctuary through things which nourish your soul and senses… candles and scents are very easy examples of this. There are also celebrations through the year that are full of Hygge, Christmas with it’s special traditions and family focus, is a prime example.

Chris knows I’ve always been a little obsessed with creating beautiful atmospheres, perfect lighting and adding fun little touches to regular things, it was just brilliant to finally have a name to explain it all! So he bought me The Little Book of Hygge before we left Copenhagen and I’ve been soaking up every page. It was written by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute (what an amazing job that would be!). It’s a lovely coffee table book too! Inspired by everything I’ve learned in The Little Book of Hygge and without spending a fortune, I have found a few things that have made a huge difference and helped me create a beautiful and relaxing home environment, with the fresh, modern and fun vibes we want our home to have.

The Little Book of Hygge is beautiful to read and we couldn’t have discovered this at a more perfect time. I said to Chris that I want to create a home and life together that is full of Hygge, after all it’s family, friends and the little things in life that light up your soul… that’s what Hygge is all about.

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 7 and the little book of hygge

In addition to soft furnishings, rugs, artwork and a few other little touches, which I’ll continue to share more of soon, there’s been one item that has made such a wonderful impact! As I’m sure many of you would agree, there’s something so amazing about a beautifully scented home. I searched everywhere for the perfect way to achieve this and found this Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser. Whether we’re relaxing on the lounge catching up on favorite shows or entertaining friends, we have both come to appreciate and really look forward to using our pretty diffuser each day… and of course choosing which scent we want to use!


Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser Review

I have always been a huge lover perfumes, candles and scents, they help to create a vibe, enhance the atmosphere and uplift how you feel. We have ours running every day and if I can share one major point of difference that sets this diffuser apart from anything else I have tried before, it is that the scent travels incredibly well. I just got so sick of spending money on expensive candles, diffuser sticks, oil burners or humidifiers that did not spread a scent you could actually smell without having your nose in direct contact! Major applause needs to be given to the engineers, artists and business team behind Organic Aromas – they’ve created such a high quality product that completely delivers (and far surpasses) what they say.

When we turn the diffuser on, within minutes I can smell essential oil at the other end of our large living room… and after around 5 – 10 minutes, the scent travels upstairs and finds it’s way into the bedrooms and bathrooms, filling our home beautifully with pure essential oil. It’s been so great having the diffuser on while we’re watching tv downstairs in the evening, then walking up to bed and as my head hits the pillow, I love laying there enveloped with the delicate aroma before falling peacefully asleep.

The diffuser is fully automated and runs for two hours before turning off (I think this is such a great feature, as I always turn it on and just forget… probably because the essential oils make me so relaxed!). During this time, the diffuser cycles intermittently to diffuse the perfect amount into the air.

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 1

The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection and Exquisite Nebulizing Diffuser

Over the years I have tried so many different candles, oil burners and diffuser stick sets, but nothing has worked as incredibly well as this essential oil diffuser. I did a lot of research before choosing this one and the unique difference with Organic Aromas essential oil diffuser sets is that, unlike the other heated units on the market or those made of plastic or humidifier diffusers, the Organic Aromas diffuser works without heating up the oils and without the need to add water to the diffuser. This was an incredibly attractive quality for me, as it means the essential oils are kept 100% pure (and not diluted by water), which makes it so much more powerful and ensures we get the full therapeutic, health and wellness benefits of essential oils. Plus, as it doesn’t use water this means my house doesn’t fill with moisture particles or humidity (which are not good constantly being pushed onto walls or furniture).

There are lots of diffuser designs to choose, however as a standard each set includes the diffuser and a bottle of essential oil to start your journey.

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 2

You’ll also find a large range of pure essential oils and essential oil blends, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one as I love using different oils depending on my mood and how I feel from day to day. Given this, we went with The Elements Premium Essential Oils Collection, which includes the Inspire box collection and the Awaken box collection – a complete set of ten different oils. It’s been so much fun for Chris and I to choose the scents we want to use each day, they are all genuinely beautiful and each fill our home so perfectly. Every time we’ve had friends of family over, the second they walked through the door they have commented “oh it smells beautiful in here, what is that?” … and then of course I get to show off our fabulous diffuser and share the different oils with them.

Our essential oil collection includes premium essential oil blends including Ocean Breeze, a mix of Peppermint, Sweet Fennel, Cajeput, Lime, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Coriander (I have this on right now and it’s just gorgeous!), Welcome Home with Pine, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Jasmine, Tagetes and Petigrain, as well as Morning Bloom a fresh blend of Geranium, Jasmine, Patchouli, Ylang ylang, Palmarosa and Sweet Orange.

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 3

The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 4

My essential oil diffuser operates so quietly and I love the clean, stylish design – we have been moving it around to decide where to place it permanently, but it suits the decor anywhere in our home (so it makes choosing only one spot hard!). I was really impressed by the quality of the Organic Aromas diffuser – it is really well made and the solid wood base combined with the beautiful glass components make for a very luxe looking device. At the back of the diffuser, there is a little knob to control the intensity level (which I love, as if we have all the windows open I will have it on more, or of an evening we just turn it down to the lowest setting and it is just the right amount to delicately fill our home). There is also a pretty white light inside, which can be turned on and off by a touch button at the back. So clever!

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser review 5

Exquisite Nebulizing Diffuser

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out Organic Aromas here. I also must say their after sale care and customer service is exceptional, which says so much about a company – I love shopping with people who truly value and appreciate their customers. Oh and I’m clearly not the only one who is thrilled with the Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffusers and customer service… I always check reviews these days before I get anything and their reviews are amazing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about one of my favorite things and found this information helpful! If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment below.


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Friday Faves: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Stylish Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now officially open to the public! I have been counting down the days to shop this amazing sale and as I’m sure you know, there has been so much buzz around it. Everything sells out fast, so you have to be quick to snap up the pieces you love… I have been browsing some gorgeous new homewares to give our home a little post-wedding makeover and start our married life with a fresh new vibe. I also love buying denim jeans, pretty summer dresses, cute shoes and designer handbags on sale.

What are you excited to find in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I’d LOVE to see some of your favourites, just leave a comment below and share a link with me, I’d love to check them out. Happy shopping, friends!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Stylish Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks Collage

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Stylish Picks: 1.  Crystal Art Gallery Gold Bar Cart, $149 (was $225)    |    2. Diptyque Candle Set, $55    |    3.  T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer, $134 (was $200)    |    4.  GHD Hair Irons, $133 (was $199)… girls, these are the BEST! I’ve had mine for 13 years and nothing else compares!   |    5.  Farren Booties, $69 (was $99 and also in black)    |    6.  Tory Burch Claire Ballerina Flats, $184 (was $268)    |    7. Barefoot Dreams ‘In The Wild’ Throw Rug, $119 (was $180)


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Dream Closet – Inside Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Closet

I’ve seen some amazing closets in my time (thanks, Pinterest), but I’ve never seen anything quite so exquisite as Khloe Kardashian’s fitness closet!

This 150 square-foot closet is like being in an incredible boutique. Created by LA Closet Design, this space has it all… from the Fiji water fridge, to the glass accessories display case and the L-shaped shelves for her ahhmazing collection of sneakers (I was pretty chuffed with my four pairs, Khloe’s is on another level!).

With multiple closets in her sprawling LA residence, she’s living a fashion-lovers dream! Kardashian says this closet is one of her most adored rooms, “I’m in love with my fitness closet! It’s my favorite closet. I genuinely show it off to all of my friends when they are over,” she said in an interview with Self magazine.

After discovering this, I simply had to share it with you! So ‘pin’ away gals, you’ve never seen anything like Khloe Kardashian’s fitness closet before…

khloe kardashian fitness closet

khloe kardashian fitness closet

khloe kardashian fitness closet

khloe kardashian fitness closet fiji water

khloe kardashian fitness closet

khloe kardashian fitness closet

Wow. Seriously, just wow. What’s your favorite part? I love that incredible shoe collection and the water fridge!

Dress Your Nest: Style A Perfect Coffee Table

how to style a perfect coffee table west elm williams sonoma lulu and georgia lifestyle home decor kate spade book monogram gold zebra ottoman leopard fashion interios blog Style Elixir blogger

How To: Style A Perfect Coffee Table

The Ottomans:
Zebra Ottoman
   Navy Ottoman

The Trays:
Antique Round Mirrored Tray
Square Gold Monogram Tray

The Finishing Touches:
‘Things We Love’ Kate Spade New York Book
Gold Print Leopard Drink Coasters
Lucite Monogram Letter
Pumpkin Souffle Candle (fresh nutmeg and warm pumpkin with rich maple syrup, ginger and sweet vanilla…  perfect for fall!)

Have you seen the Kate Spade ‘Things We Love’ book? It’s one of my absolute favorite things ever, such a truly beautiful coffee table piece and whenever my guests flip through it their reactions are the same – sheer delight and “where can I get this?!”. I’m also completely obsessed with these leopard drink coasters and this gold monogram tray (you can get other colors too). I’d love to know, which items are your top picks?

Home Makeover: Win A $500 West Elm Gift Card

Today I’m so delighted to be collaborating with Kiss Me Darling and Bloggers Closet to bring you an amazing giveaway! Fashion doesn’t just encompass clothes and accessories, there should also be fashion in the home! I’m a big believer in beautifying your surroundings, so we’ve created a fabulous $500 giveaway to give your home a little makeover at one of the best places for stunning decor, West Elm!

One lucky reader will win a $500 West Elm Gift Card to splurge on some amazing home goods! To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is open until midnight on Monday July 21 and remember, the more entries you complete, the more chances you have to win! Oh and for decor lovers around the globe, this giveaway is open internationally.

I’ve bought quite a lot for my home from West Elm and in addition to being gorgeous, the quality has been great. These are a few of my favorite pieces…

West Elm Home decor gift card giveaway win bar cart mirrored tray gold side table barrel slate note board jewelry tree wall apothecary bottles ikat dinnerware bowls jar pendant lamp light West Elm:   Upholstered Bench    |    Glass Jar Pendant Light    |    Gold Mirror Tray    |    Bar Cart    |    Slate Message Board    |    Wall Jewelry Branch    |    Etched Metal Gold Side Table    |    Ikat Bowls    |    Oversized Apothecary Bottles


 photo Giveaway500WestElm_zpsdcae510c.png


Meet Our Hosts:

 photo HostRow_zps25a3d281.png Kiss Me Darling   |   Bloggers Closet

Meet Our Co-Hosts:


ENTER NOW: Win a $500 West Elm Gift Card
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Details:
–  Giveaway will run for one week starting July 14th 2014 and will end on July 21st 2014 at midnight
– The winner will be announced on Wednesday July 23rd 2014
–  The winner’s entries will be verified, so please be honest in completing them

–  This giveaway is open internationally


Divine Decor: Inspiration To Create A Stylish Home Office

I’m currently in the beginning stages of creating a home office space (exciting!). I want it to be professional and functional, but at the same time it needs to be inspiring and creative. I draw a lot from my environment and love things to be just right – so we’re talking plenty of organization and clean white space, mixed with a dash of femininity and a few statement making pieces. There’s nothing quite like Pinterest for ideas – so I took to the site with a vengeance and wanted to share with you some of my favorites. Which office inspiration do you like best?

Have you created a home office before? Tell me… what are your must-haves? Do you have any favorite color combinations?

Main Home Office Best Decor Ideas Style Work (via)


Home Sweet Home – Dress Your Nest


I always love the feeling of coming home after a long day and being welcomed by relaxing, warm and stylish surrounds.  It envelopes you like a big hug and instantly, you feel like all is okay. Decorating our homes can be so much fun, but also a little overwhelming – tying everything together, whilst still having interesting, eye catching pieces can be challenging for even the most gifted interior designer. 

I adore watching reality tv and must admit, I gain a lot of inspiration for home decor through this. The Jonathan Adler Letter Cushions, as featured on Giuliana & Bill, are firmly planted on my lounge (yes, when Chris has a boys night he does cop a little heckle, but I maintain that deep down, his single friends just want a second letter cushion of their own!) I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite soft furnishings to easily add glamour and style to dress your nest. They’re an instant update, without breaking the bank…


Item Details:  White Vase Jars  Candle  |  Gold Candle Holder  |  Table Lamp  |  Chevron Glassware  |  Yellow Cushion (on sale!)  Blue Ikat Cushion  |  Coffee Table Books (My French Life and Paris Tango)  |  Throw Blanket
Do you enjoy dressing up your home with accessories?
I love a warm cosy blanket and beautiful coffee table books. I own both My French Life and Paris Tango – they are magnificent with such stunning photography. I adore flipping through them and taking myself away to Paris…
I hope you all have a magnificent Wednesday! I’m quite excited because today the gorgeous Shannon from GBO Fashion is featuring me as her Style Crush (yay!), you can check out the interview here. Oh, and I’ve just been revising my advertising options too, so if you’d like to grow your blog or store, just click here or email me for more details – I’d love to work with you!

 photo laurensig_zpsa45e2978.png



Be Inspired: Home Decor

I adore flipping through gorgeous interiors magazines or gazing at stunning home decor online. This weekend I’m planning a little homewares shopping and thought I’d share with you some of my favorite finds…

How would you describe your home decor style? 
Do you have a structured approach (like a color scheme), or do you take a more relaxed view?

 photo laurensig_zpsa45e2978.png