Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe we’re in May already, I hope you enjoy a fabulous month! If you’re still looking for some Mothers Day gift inspiration (remember, it’s next Sunday!), you can find some of my present ideas for Mom here.

This week in Fab Favorites, I’m excited to share one of my absolute must-have, can’t live without hair tools. I use it every single day and it’s the first thing I pack for traveling… my GHD flat irons.  Is anyone else a devotee? Once you’ve tried them, nothing compares – my Mom, sister and friends all use them too.

Hair Style How To Curl with Flat Irons Tutorial Guide Step By Step Blog Style Elixir Fashion Blogger Beauty Haircare Hair GHD Sephora Shop Must Have

I adore how light and easy to handle they are, but even more so I LOVE that they heat up super quickly (within 30 – 40 seconds) to a hot 365F / 185C – and keep that heat the entire time you’re styling. The smooth ceramic plates mean less damage, shiner hair and a quicker styling experience. Oh and the curved edges make them perfect for curling too! They truly are the one thing I couldn’t be without and absolutely worth the investment.

I don’t like spending aaages doing my hair and I’m not a fan of blow drying (it takes sooo long!). I leave my hair to air dry (or I know it’s bad, but I wash it before bed) and in the morning I just quickly iron it to smooth, sleek, silky goodness. Day-to-day, I wear my hair either straight and smooth or softly curled – and I do it all with my GHD hair iron’s (no curling wands in this house!). You know those friendly little chats you have sometimes in the girls bathroom? “What lipstick is that?”, or “What foundation do you use?”… well, I’m often asked “How did you curl your hair?”.

People are always surprised when I tell them it was with my GHD’s, so today I wanted to share a step-by-step guide (it’s detailed as many tutorials aren’t specific and it’s all about how you place your hands!). If you’ve ever wanted to know how to curl with flat irons, this is it…

Hair Style How To Curl with Flat Irons Tutorial Guide Step By Step Blog Style Elixir Fashion Blogger Beauty Haircare Hair GHD Sephora Shop Must Have

Hair Guide: How To Curl With Flat Irons

1.  After blow-drying or allowing hair to air dry, run your brush through to ensure hair is smooth and tangle-free. Turn your GHD irons on and allow them to heat up.

2.  For extra smooth, frizz-free curls, I quickly run the flat irons through my hair, all over.

3.  Section hair from mid-ear height around to the back of your head and tie the top part high on your head. You should now be left with just the hair from mid-ear height down.

4.  You can now start curling this section. To curl, this is the part to master (years ago before we went out one night in college my good friend Sam showed me how, for the first few sections I had no idea, but pretty quickly it become second nature and now it’s so easy!):

–  To curl your left side, hold your irons in your right hand, the top of your hand should face away from your body, your palm facing in and thumb towards the sky.

–  Put the opening end of the irons (with the hot plates) towards the back of your head, the irons should be aligned almost entirely horizontal with a slight tilt down towards the back of your neck.

–  Place the top of your hair strand (near the roots) inside the two hot plates. Pull down a little to where you want the curls to start (for a looser, more relaxed beachy feel, allow a couple of inches).

–  You should still be be holding the iron with the top of your hand facing away from your body, your palm facing inwards.

–  Now twist your hand up and over, so the top of your hand is now facing in towards your head and your palm is facing outwards. (Remember, the irons should be almost horizontal, with a slight angle down towards the back of your neck).

–  Keep your hand in this position and gently pull the iron down through to the end of your hair.

–  To avoid any kinks or iron marks, keep the irons moving – you don’t need to hold it in place to make the curl.  The GHD’s are so hot, they curl the hair immediately (which is why I love them!).

You should now have a gorgeous curl!

Hair Style How To Curl with Flat Irons Tutorial Guide Step By Step Blog Style Elixir Fashion Blogger Beauty Haircare Hair GHD Sephora Shop Must Have

My Can’t Live Without Hair Styling Tool:  GHD Flat Irons

Repeat this process and work towards the back of your head to finish the remaining section on the left side. I usually take pieces of hair about an inch wide (if I’m in a rush and need to work really quick, I use wider pieces).

When doing the right side of your head, start at the front just behind your (right) ear.

–  Hold the irons in your right hand and place an inch-wide piece of hair in the irons (remember to start it at the roots). Your right hand should be positioned holding the irons with the top of your hand facing out away from your head (and your palm facing in). Your thumb will be facing up towards the sky.

–  Move your iron down the hair and when you’re ready to begin the curl, twist your hand so the palm moves down and out. The top of your hand should now face in towards your head and the palm will be facing out away from your head (your thumb will be facing down towards the ground).

–  Keep your hand in this position and gently pull the iron down through to the end of your hair.

5.  Once your first section (mid-ears down) is complete, un-tie the top part of your hair (that isn’t yet curled) and release the section just above the top of your ears down. Tie up the remaining hair (above your ears) on top of your head.

6.  Repeat the same process, work from the front of your head towards the middle at the back. Then do the other side, from the front to the middle at the back.

–  To reach the hair at the back of my head, I just hold the section of hair out to the side and pull it through like the rest (you don’t need to try to do it at the back).

7.  Once the second section is complete, let down the next section. I usually do eye brow level down, then tie the hair above this up on top of your head.

–  Repeat the same curling process.

8.  When this section is finished, I then split the remaining (uncurled) hair in two. Tie up the top part and work with the lower layer.

9.  Once finished, then release the very last section. I often start my curls lower down on the hair in this section and as with the rest we have done, the direction of curls face away from the face. I think this really opens up your face and gives a beautiful, relaxed style.

Now that all your hair is curled, you can choose to loosen the curls by running your fingers through – or leave them as is and let gravity drop them gradually. If you’d like to add a little hairspray, now is the perfect time.

Voila! Gorgeous hair! I often find my curls keep for a couple of days, so enjoy your glamorous boho tresses!


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