I love testing and trying different things and sharing the best ones with you! Personally, I always read reviews online before I buy things (I basically don’t buy anything without searching for reviews first) and I hope the reviews I do also help others. Today I wanted to share an Irresistible Me hair extensions review with you…

One of the most important things with hair extensions is ensuring they look natural, so quality and a lot of color options are essential. What I love about Irresistible Me is that not only is there a huge range of colors to choose from, you can also get a custom set with two colors. Most of us have colored hair and it’s rarely one shade, so the option to create your very own custom highlights to match your hair perfectly is unique and something I think is absolutely brilliant.

I chose the Royal Highlights in a mix of Golden Blonde (#14) and Ash Blonde (#10). They are 22 inches long and 200g weight. One of the best tips I can give for flawless extensions is having them cut into your own hair – I take mine to my hair dresser and clip them in so she can trim and layer them to blend with my natural cut.

irresistible me hair extensions review lauren slade style elixir fashion blogger best hair extensions I am wearing Royal Highlights in a mix of Golden Blonde (#14) and Ash Blonde (#10)


Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Something really unique is Irresistible Me extensions are individually made to order and done by hand. So the set can be customized, as it’s made specially for you! The extensions are super thick and so soft, as it is human remy hair you can cut, color and style them as you would your own hair – I love curling mine. They hold the curl really well too, I curl mine and get a number of wears with those curls (it saves so much time). A great tip is to curl your extensions when they’re off your head – it’s so much easier! I get a skirt hanger and clip the extensions on, then hang them up and curl them one weft at a time.

When the extensions arrive, you have two sections in the pack. One is a tester hair weft and the sealed side is your actual extensions. Only open the tester, it’s a great way to check the color match and make sure you’re happy with the length. I was delighted with my Royal Highlights, the two colors blend together beautifully and it looks so natural. The 200g weight is plenty of hair! If I’m in a rush, I actually don’t even need to clip them all in. I wanted to mention one of the wefts is a double, so it actually has two layers of hair! This is fantastic and gives you lots of volume and length in one piece. If I’m creating a fishtail braid I just clip the double weft and one other in, it’s quick and easy.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions review

As part of my Irresistible Me hair extensions review, I also wanted to make a special mention of the customer service, they were wonderful. I originally ordered a pair of the Volume Vixen in Ash Blonde (#10) and although they were beautiful, the color wasn’t a perfect match. I was able to easily send them back and choose a pair of the highlights instead, it was all so easy and I am thrilled with the extensions.

I’ve worn other hair extension brands, but this is definitely my favorite because of the options to customize a set perfect for your individual hair and also the thick, soft hair – it’s really high quality.

irresistible me hair extensions review lauren slade style elixir fashion blogger best hair extensions

Have you ever worn hair extensions? I’d love to hear about it! I personally prefer clip-ins to permanent weaves, they are much better for your hair. It’s also far easier to wash, blow dry and style your natural hair – then add the extensions when you feel like it.





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