A couple of months back, you might remember I mentioned how much I love my new juicer. Since then, I’ve been thinking about juicing vs. blending and which is better? Does one offer more health benefits than the other?

Following hot on the heels of the gluten-free phenomena, juicing seems like the latest in a series of crazes taking over trend setting cities like New York. I think both juicing and blending are very beneficial, but in different ways. Juicing extracts the juice of the fruit or vegetable, while blending uses the whole fruit or vegetable, along with some liquid, to form a puree. Personally, I prefer juicing to blending based on the fact I always feel so clean, fresh and energized afterward.

If followed in moderation, juicing or blending can be a part of a healthy diet. Today, I wanted to share some tips and one of my favorite recipes. Tell me… have you tried juicing or blending? Which do you prefer?

Juice (Green 2)

Juicing and Blending Tips:

1.  It’s best not to combine fruits and vegetables (unless it’s apple), as this messes with your digestive enzymes. It doesn’t seem to matter too much in green juices and smoothies, but vegetables like carrots, beetroots, broccoli and zucchini don’t combine well with fruit (due to their high starch content). Green leafy veggies combine well with pretty much everything.

2.  Try to drink your juice or smoothie straight away, as after 15 minutes, light and air will destroy much of the nutrients. If you can’t drink it straight away, transfer the juice to a dark airtight container until you’re ready.

3.  Clean your equipment after each use. Otherwise, pulp will get caught in the machine and oxidize making your next juice unpleasant.

 photo Juicing_zps41b36851.jpg

I thought I’d share one of my favorite juice recipes with you… it’s a perfect way to start the day!

Rise and Shine Juice

–  6 ounces baby spinach leaves, rinsed
–  2 apples, halved and cored
–  2 medium carrots, scrubbed
–  2 celery ribs
–  1/2 large lemon
–  2 inches piece ginger, peeled
–  ice

1.  Put the spinach, apples, carrots, celery, lemon juice and ginger into a juice maker
2.  Pour the juice into ice-filled glasses and serve

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