Late last week and over the weekend Chris and I enjoyed a fabulous beach getaway! It was a much needed break and also something we organized to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how you can feel instantly relaxed, revived and blissfully happy just by dipping your toes in the sand and soaking in some stunning ocean views!

So fun getting away together for a mini vacay!
Waking up to views like this made it almost impossible to leave.
Sun, sand, a fresh OPI pedi and my beloved Havaianas flip-flops!

Lot’s of delicious food, markets, beach walks, movies and wines were enjoyed! I wish we could do that everyday. Although as Chris said on the way home, if we did, we probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much. I wouldn’t mind testing that theory…

While we were away, Chris realized whenever we’re on vacation I always wear this particular hat! I never like to spend much time on my hair while I’m away – I’d rather be out doing something, or just relaxing with a magazine and nail polish. So I seek easy ways to keep my style cute with minimal effort. The panama hat (like this one from J.Crew) is a great start… but it can only take you so far – and unfortunately the dinner table isn’t on that list.

So whether you’re basking in the Bahamas or getting down to business on a work trip, here are some of my other hair care tricks to suit any destination…


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably would’ve seen this is one of my latest and greatest loves. Don’t let the word “oil” scare you… Argan oil is the latest craze among hair stylists due to its natural shine and conditioning qualities. While it is oil, if you use it sparingly (a little goes a long way!) it doesn’t make hair greasy. Moroccan Oil softens thick, course hair, restores softness to lifeless hair, strengthens brittle hair, nourishes the scalp, gives UV protection for those days at the beach and also reduces drying time. Another of my favorite things? It smells divine! If there is one product to bring along any trip, this is it.

When I get my hair done, I love talking products and one of my favorite finds has been a great quality shampoo and conditioner that has color and UV protection. Whether you’re going on a luxury beach vacation to Hawaii (doesn’t the Four Seasons look dreamy), doing one of my all time favorite family holidays on an Alaskan cruise tour, or representing your company at an all day event, it’s likely your hair will see either sun, salt or chlorine. We know to slather SPF all over our bodies and faces, but we don’t often think of our hair. The result? Dry, frizzy tresses that can lose their luster and shine. I also adore Aveda’s Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser that removes chlorine, salt and build-up.

Another quick trick? Before you lay by the pool or jump in the ocean, run a little leave-in conditioner through your hair with a wide tooth comb (Living Proof’s No Frizz is nice to use). This will close your hair cuticles, making it harder for chlorine and salt to settle in and do damage.

Always have a go-to twist, braid or bun to turn to when your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. If you have long locks, learn how to do a side fishtail braid (there’s some great video’s on YouTube, like the one below with fellow blogger Amber Fillerup)… it’s also polished enough for a business dinner and once you get the hang of it, takes no time. If you have shorter hair, this can be tied up into a cute messy bun with some bobby pins and hairspray.

The ultimate time saver and beauty revamper! Spray dry shampoo on your roots to refresh your hair, absorb oil, add volume and extend the life of a blow-dry. When on vacation, I often can’t be bothered spending long washing and styling my hair… sometimes there’s not enough time to properly freshen up for dinner, or on a work trip before an early-morning breakfast meeting. Plus, overwashing causes color to fade (and that means more salon visits!), so dry shampoo can help you save time, money at the salon and keep your hair healthy too! If you want to know more, this website has all the answers!
I’ve also discovered you can get tinted varieties like Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder to blend away root regrowth before your next coloring appointment!

The shower cap still reigns supreme when you don’t have time to do your full hair routine (or if you’re like me, just don’t want to do your full hair routine!) Then all you need is a little flat iron or dry shampoo and you’re good to go! For more tips on feeling refreshed without taking too much time on vacation, I thought this was a great article.

I couldn’t go anywhere without my flat irons! You can find a huge selection at beauty product stores or online, I think CHI makes some great products at affordable prices (like these flat irons on sale now!). Whether it’s a flat iron, hot rollers or a curling wand, remember ceramic tools are safer for the hair than metal varieties – and try to avoid hot tools on hair without first applying a product for heat protection!


Have you tried any of these hair care tips before?  What are your go-to tricks or products?

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