For those of you who are familiar with my Instagram account, you may have seen this little guy on there recently. And if you aren’t yet acquainted… meet Ollie, my sweet Cavoodle!

Fresh from the groomers, I think he looks like such a little gentleman in his bowtie!

Anyone who’s owned a pet knows there are so many ways to spoil them! I love to get Ollie delicious sounding dog treats, fun toys and the snuggliest bedding. I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things, from canine clothes, to grooming and play products…

 photo DogToysClothesandTreats_zpsfca4c2bc.jpg

Ok, so I have to ask… are you a dog or a cat person? 

How do you spoil your furry friend? 

I’d love some new ideas (and I’m sure Ollie would love you to share them too!)


Meet today’s featured advertiser Jean, from What Jean Likes!

I adore Jean’s blog because she always has so much going on over there! Warm, real, relatable and down to earth, Jean is also one super talented lady! Her photography is stunning (see below for a sneak peek, there’s many more incredible photos like that right here), she also bakes delicious, fun cookies with her kids and really opens up about changing her life with diet, exercise and a healthy perspective.

 photo untitled-3490vintage-L_zpsdd297d6f.jpg

Remember how I mentioned Jean had a lot going on? Well she also hosts a big weekly link-up called the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! It runs from tomorrow through to the following Wednesday. I’m a regular and find it’s a fun, easy way to meet friends and discover new blogs. So go say a big hello (or an Aloha!) at What Jean Likes, or keep up with everything on Bloglovin’ and Facebook.

Have a fabulous day!!  And don’t forget – Ollie wants you to tell me how you spoil your furry loved ones…



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