Welcome to Style Sessions!  I remember when I was little, there was a saying my Grandmother had… “blue and green should never be seen”. For years I always thought it was such a no-no to mix blue and green into an outfit… but the style rebel in me says rules are made to be broken (I’m just wild, right?!). Lately I’ve been mixing blue with a splash of green and using the right hues, I actually think they add a fresh burst of complementary color…

1 Fashion Blue White Lace Print Top Blouse Dark Skinny Jeans Tan Cuore and Pelle Handbag Heels Belt Green Necklace Statement Victorias Secret Makeup Style Elixir www.stylelixir.com

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In case you’re new here, Style Sessions is live every Tuesday from 12am PST. It’s all about sharing what we’ve been wearing, or if you’re on a budget, a virtual outfit you’d love to wear! Every week I also select someone to showcase as ‘Head Stylist’ in the next edition – it’s a perfect way to meet new bloggers, showcase your personal style and your blog.

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Blue and Green Should Always Be Seen…

According to my Grandmother, I’ve been breaking fashion rules lately by mixing blue and green – but I actually think, using the right hues, it can be a delightful combination. What are your thoughts? Do you ever mix blue and green?

When doing such strong colors, I suggest keeping it simple by adding a just a touch of each hue… this Blue and White Blouse from C.C.Lake was perfect, as it has a beautiful print without being overwhelming. I also adore this statement Towne & Reese Green Necklace from Jewelers Wife. With the holiday season in full swing, I have fun adding a hint of festive cheer to my outfits (without screaming “Christmas!!”). A pretty necklace such as this one is the perfect way to do it – and I also love that this particular green hue works year round, vibrant for summer and a beautiful way to work color into a winter wardrobe.

Greens and blues always conjure earthy thoughts for me, so I like to accessorize with neutrals (including tan leather heels and this Cuore & Pelle tan leather handbag is my favorite!) and a skinny denim jean keeps the feel relaxed…

 photo 2FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zpse97acba2.jpg Outfit Details:  C.C.Lake Blue and White Blouse   |   Dark Denim Skinny Jeans   |   Cuore & Pelle Tan Leather Handbag   |   ALDO Tan Leather Heels   |   Jewelers Wife Green Statement Necklace   |   Gold Bracelet Set (similar)   |   Pave Earrings (on sale!)   |   Victoria’s Secret Glossy Lip Stain


 photo 3FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps344e730e.jpg

 photo 4FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps5e97dbf5.jpg

 photo 5FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps8954343d.jpg

 photo 6FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps65ff8642.jpg

 photo 7FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps35632c48.jpg

 photo 8FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps85c23310.jpg

 photo 9FashionBlueWhiteLacePrintTopBlouseDarkSkinnyJeansTanCuoreandPelleHandbagHeelsBeltGreenNecklaceStatementVictoriasSecretMakeu_zps58d7264a.jpg Outfit Details:  C.C.Lake Blue and White Blouse   |   Dark Denim Skinny Jeans   |   Cuore & Pelle Tan Leather Handbag   |   ALDO Tan Leather Heels   |   Jewelers Wife Green Statement Necklace   |   Gold Bracelet Set (similar)   |   Pave Earrings (on sale!)   |   Victoria’s Secret Glossy Lip Stain


Meet Our Head Stylist & Fab Fashionista…

I am thrilled to introduce you to this week’s Head Stylist and fab fashionista, Sherry from The Life Of The Party! I adore Sherry’s blog, it offers a variety of inspiration from holiday decor, to recipes, to the latest fashion! I particularly like the look she recently created with layering and her beautiful collection of dresses is one I envy.

 photo sherry2_zps290a6d90.jpg

As it’s the holiday season, Sherry would like to give a $25 Amazon Gift Card, for your chance to win enter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 photo sherry3_zps0bc638d8.jpg  


What is your go-to look?  For the most part my go-to is a tank top and shorts or a great skirt considering it’s warm year round here. I always manage to dress it up with statement jewelry, bracelets or a fab pair of earrings. Sometimes I’ll even go as far as adding a scarf. This always turns heads… not because they people think it’s a great outfit, but more that they are wondering what in the world is that girl thinking wearing a scarf in this weather. Sometimes we sacrifice for fashion.

Which fashion trend are you currently loving?  It’s a toss up, I’m absolutely loving all the gold and sparkles lately, but I am really loving the fur vest and faux leather trend.

What inspired you to start your blog?  I’d been writing about fashion for different websites and thought why aren’t you doing this on your own blog, so I began incorporating style boards. Then I decided, why not go the extra mile and show “real life style”. So the husband grabbed his camera one day and said, why not!  It’s been an amazing journey over the last year connecting with women who love fashion as much as I do.

Name three beauty products you couldn’t live without:  I have to have my Bobbi Brown Lipstick, Smashbox Primer and Mascara (I feel and look naked without it because my eyelashes are so blonde).

How would you describe your style?  My style has always been a mix of high and low-end brands. I’ve never felt like you have to spend a ton of money to look good, but I also can appreciate the quality in higher-end brands. A great bag and statement necklace will dress up a plain old Target t-shirt and pair of jeans.

To discover more about Sherry, join her Fashion Informant and visit her blog.


 photo SSLinkUp_zpsc9a8a90f.jpg

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