I’ve always been quite lucky in that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall straight to sleep. Chris, not so much… I’ll often fall asleep hours before he does (usually within ten minutes of watching a movie!). But lately, I’ve found I can’t fall asleep as easily and I don’t know why! Maybe I have a lot on my mind, maybe it’s all the late night blogging, maybe it’s the daily coffee I’ve adopted. Whatever the cause, I went in search for a cure – specifically, ways to encourage a better and more restful night’s sleep.

We all have such busy lives, ridiculous amounts to juggle and thanks to technology, we’re always switched on and connected. So it comes as no great surprise that our rest and sleep patterns are worse than ever. A concerning fact, as this is the time when our body repairs and rejuvenates itself. In my search, I found a few simple tips from the National Sleep Foundation and will be giving them a try from today. If you’d like to have a better night’s sleep, I encourage you to join me and adopt some too…

Avoid caffeine within six to eight hours of going to bed. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate can remain in the body anywhere from three to five hours (in some cases even up to twelve!). Due to it’s alerting effect on the body, this can often keep you up and wide awake longer than you would otherwise.  Although commonly thought of as a sedative, Alcohol is known to cause waking throughout the night, leading to a poor night’s sleep. Also while you’re at it, avoid eating two to three hours before retiring for the evening, as the digestion of food can inhibit rest.

Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule. Our sleep cycle is regulated by a “circadian clock” in our brain. A regular time to rise strengthens the circadian function and can therefore also help with generating the body into sleep mode of an evening. Consistency is key, so this means even on weekends it is advisable to continue the same schedule.

Keep your bedroom as an exclusively restful place.  It is strongly recommended that televisions, work material and computers are not placed in the bedroom. This provides far too many distractions and the wrong association with what your bedroom is all about. It’s probably safe to say this goes for mobile phones too, hard as it is, the less they are used in bed, the better. Simply light a candle and read your favorite book instead…

Regular exercise can make all the difference! A daily workout will help tire your body and also assist with encouraging sleep naturally. Why not exercise early in the morning? By the time evening rolls around, you will be tired from both your early start to the day and the vigorous workout.

Create a divine, serene sleep space. Quiet, comfortable, cool, dark and relaxing – all perfect ways to describe the ideal bedroom. I have no doubt that adding a few special touches will certainly make you sleep better – think comfy pajamas, fluffy bedding, a cloud like mattress topper and block-out blinds. I’ve put together a few pieces below as inspiration to create a space dreams are made of…

Item Details:  Down Mattress Topper (here, here or here)  |  Silk Pajamas  |  Diptyque Lavender Candle  |  AHALife Silk Pillow Case  |  Jonathan Adler Hollywood Sheet Set

What helps you fall asleep? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!
Do you fall asleep when your head hits the pillow, or does it take a little more cajoling to close your eyes?



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