As many of you probably know by now, I love my star news and part of that is getting the inside scoop on their celebrity beauty secrets! I constantly store little ideas and things to try in my head and thought I’d share some of them with you today.

Gorgeous celebs including Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Mariah Carery and Nicole Kidman have all shared their unique beauty tips and tricks. We’re talking everything from mayonnaise, cranberry juice, coffee granules and one I don’t recommend – leeches.

The best part is, these celebrity beauty secrets all use common things we probably already have at home (minus the leeches, I hope)… so head to your fridge and get glam!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any unconventional beauty tips or tricks? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!

Miranda Kerr and Scarlett Johansson Beauty Secrets Fashion Style Blog Celebrity Makeup Tricks Beautiful Hollywood Blog Style Elixir MIRANDA KERR:
The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model uses lip balm as a shimmer highlighter on her eyes, which gives a naturally radiant ‘lit from within’ bright eyed look.

When breakouts occur, the actress reaches for apple cider vinegar, explaining it is an effective treatment for breakouts and skin healing.

 photo ZoeSaldanaMariahCareyBeautySecretsFashionStyleBlogCelebrityMakeupTricksBeautifulHollywoodBlogStyleElixirwwwstylelixircom_zps229cd304.jpg ZOE SALDANA:
Zoe credits her beautiful shiny hair to mayonnaise. Growing up, her mother and sisters would all use mayonnaise and to this day, still do!

For plump lips, the singer adds a few drops of peppermint oil to her lip balm or gloss. It’s said to increase blood flow and as a result, lips swell.


 photo KateHudsonHalleBerryBeautySecretsFashionStyleBlogCelebrityMakeupTricksBeautifulHollywoodBlogStyleElixirwwwstylelixircom_zpsbd4fd06e.jpg KATE HUDSON:
For a super fresh and healthy glow, the actress puts her face in an ice bath to create a radiant complexion.

To banish cellulite, Halle places ground coffee in her shower gel. Caffeine is said to increase blood flow and the coffee granules mildly exfoliate skin.


 photo NicoleKidmanGwynethPaltrowBeautySecretsFashionStyleBlogCelebrityMakeupTricksBeautifulHollywoodBlogStyleElixirwwwstylelixirco_zps078b968c.jpg NICOLE KIDMAN:
The naturally red headed actress adds shine and vibrancy to her hair by pouring a cup of cranberry juice over it after shampooing. The juice is said to enhance color and seal the cuticle.

For fabulous hair like Gwyn, use a loofah instead of a hair brush or comb when boosting volume and adding texture. This will give you sleek and shiny hair with less frizz!


 photo JuliaRobertsandEvaLongoriaBeautySecretsFashionStyleBlogCelebrityMakeupTricksBeautifulHollywoodBlogStyleElixirwwwstylelixirco_zpsa28c2e57.jpg JULIA ROBERTS:
The actress keeps her hands in top condition by soaking them in olive oil. This is said to soften the skin and improve the condition of nails and cuticles.

Ever youthful and glamorous, the beautiful Eva adores using skin creams that contain placenta – which is believed to boost collagen production and moisture levels.


And one I certainly don’t suggest…
In 2008, Demi Moore admitted using ‘leech therapy’ to detox her blood. More recently, we also saw Heather and Terry Dubrow using leeches in an episode of Real Housewives of Orange Country. Gosh, can you imagine?! Only in Hollywood!


Which celeb tip is your favorite? I think Zoe’s hair is beyond shiny, so I might just have to try the mayonnaise…


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