Happy Monday!! I’ve noticed people rarely say that, it’s usually always about Friday! But today is a happy day… it’s Chris and my two year anniversary. I should clarify, it’s our two year dating anniversary. I realized when I was looking at cards, apparently the only people who are meant to celebrate anniversaries (or at least buy cards for them) are married people. But anyway, we do celebrate – it’s always lovely to have a date night and reminisce. We are having dinner tonight at the same restaurant / bar where we met, it has gorgeous views and delicious food!

I’m still trying to choose an outfit for dinner, but if I had time for last minute online shopping, I’d love to wear this date night inspired collection below…

Outfit Details:  Dress  |  Heels  |  Bow Bangle  |  Heart Necklace  |  Clutch  |  Lipgloss  |  Blush  |  My Favorite Scent

When I was card shopping, because they all read along the lines of, “Happy Anniversary to My Amazing Husband!” and that would just be plain awkward, I created my own card! Have you been to Moon Pig? I’ve made so many cards there, including our one year anniversary card. I thought it was a nice tradition to continue, you can upload your own photos and I love that because it’s personal in a fun way.

I also got a little gift for Chris, he often wears cufflinks to work and because we met on the 8th (and he thinks that’s his lucky day, obviously it is!) I found these gorgeous silver infinity cufflinks from Babette Wasserman (apparently David Beckham is a fan of the brand… so if it’s good enough for Dave, I’m sure Chris will like them too!). They’re the infinity symbol, which is also shaped like an 8 – perfect for our anniversary!

What are your favorite items to wear on a date? 

Do you wear black or bright colors? Statement jewels? Dazzling heels? 
Do you curl your hair or make it straight? Us girls have so many things to think about! 

I’d love to know what your favorite look is…



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