With the recent birth of the future heir to the British throne (or in digital speak, the #RoyalBaby), it has people the world over guessing what this little boy will be called. Reports say betting on the potential name has gone through the roof and news releases in every country have speculated on names Kate is predicted to pick. So, it got me thinking… what’s in a name?

Everything apparently. When you think about it, names are often the basis on which we make assumptions about peoples’ personalities, nationality, social status and obviously their gender. It seems like everyone had an opinion on the recent naming of Kim and Kanye’s daughter, North West. In fact, I read somewhere that on one of the popular baby name websites, she is the first female “North” to be registered, however North is quite a popular boys name.

Top predictions for Prince William and Kate’s baby include Alexander, George, Henry, James and Louis.  What do you think?


Some of the more unusual celeb baby names have included Rainbow Aurora (Holly Madison), Buddy Bear (Jamie Oliver), Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone), Moon Unit (Frank Zappa) and Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee).

It’s so fun talking good, bad and crazy names! How many of you have a name that you’d never call your child because you knew someone called “x” who did this or that? I imagine it would be hard if you were a teacher, you’d forever have names that reminded you of someone else! I think all women have names earmarked, I know in conversations with friends we’ll say “oh that’s my future daughter’s name” (…good luck to the husband who disagrees!). 

With lots of celebrity baby naming news lately, I thought it would be fun to share our own favorites. Do you have a name you love? I have quite a few, but one is Sofia. The other I adore is Collette. I think it’s stylish and feminine, whilst still being strong (she could be a CEO with that!) and of course with French origins, it reminds me of one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve always liked the name Alexander or Mason for a boy, I think they are strong and simple, without being overly common. 

So tell me… what are your favorite names?
 Do you like traditional or something quite creative and unique? 
I’m also such a fan of a little monogram here and there…
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